DIY Research

Whilst we are obviously promoting our own research sevice, we are also aware of the joys and challenges of DIY Research. Remember, you are still welcome to ask for help you find that elusive family member.

If you are planning to do it yourself, don't forget to keep an eye on our Facebook Page for hints and tips along the way.

Below are a few ideas and helpful tips to get you on your way.

Genealogy is simply preparation of a pedigree, or family tree.

Family History is extending the family tree into a history, which may include where your ancestors and decendants lived, went to school, worked etc. as well as the economic and social conditions of the period.

To begin genealogy preparation is important. First write down everything you know about the family you wish to trace. Sourses of information can be what you and your relatives know, certificetes, family bibles, wills etc. Whatever you can find.

Family Data Sheets are a good way of recording this information. One is required for each family group. Click here to download one.

A few helpful resources to help you on your journey are:
Stawell Biarri Group for Genealogy Inc
Purchasing Certificates or transcripts

Visiting the area you are trying to research
Utilising the Genaelogial Society of Victoria (GSV)
Utilising Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies (AIGS)
Finding a good computer program that is easy to use
There are a multitude of good websites to use

Don't believe every thing you get from a website, verify all the information you plan on using

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